A new year, and indeed a new decade, is here. We’re looking ahead at 2020 tile trends and how to style them so you can go about creating your dream home this year.

2020 Tile Trends

Wood Effect Tiles

They were a massive tile tend of 2019 and we predict they’ll be sticking around for a while longer.

Featuring authentic looking knots and grooves, wood effect floor tiles offer all the aesthetics benefits of wooden flooring, but, thanks to their porcelain material, are easier to maintain and clean making them the perfect flooring option for modern homes.

Available in different colours and finishes we predict wood effect tiles will only grow in popularity and versatility in 2020. Just check out the unique look North Wind Wood Effect Tiles create in this bathroom.

North Wind Wood Series – Natural Beige

North Wind Wood Series – Natural Beige

Textured Tiles

Using different textures has always been a key focus in the interior design industry and in 2020 tiles are getting in on the action.

Textured tiles help to add depth and create striking effects, especially when used in smaller bathrooms to create the illusion of space. The Ashia Tortora Duna Relief tiles feature a subtle wave detail that adds another dimension to their beige colour palette.

textured neutral tiles

Ashia Tortora Duna Relief


With climate change high up on the agenda, we’re all looking for ways we can protect the planet. Therefore, we’re predicting that sustainable designs will be a large interior design trend of 2020.

Sustainable designs can be achieved in many different ways. From choosing recycled glass tiles to thinking up creative uses for leftover tiles, there are many simple ways you can add an eco-friendly touch to your design project.

leftover tiles

You could even try underfloor heating which, in the long term, offers a sustainable, efficient way to heat your room. You can find out more about the benefits of underfloor heating and how it can help you cut your carbon footprint in our blog. 

Mosaic Tiles

Another tile trend that we’re refusing to leave in 2019!

Whether you want to create a striking feature wall, border or splash-back mosaic tiles are sure to add an elegant statement to any room. Available in glass to reflect light or natural stone for a rustic effect, mosaic tiles are a versatile option that will truly transform your home.

Dreamline Series Mix Mosaic

If you’re looking for a twist on mosaic tiles, then why not try the Dreamline Series Mix Mosaic brick tile. With an oblong shape, neutral shades and natural slate material, the Dreamline series certainly make for an eye-catching feature.

Inspired by nature

Natural aesthetics have been a desirable trend for as long as we can remember, but 2020 looks like it’s going to put a contemporary twist on the natural look. From traditional natural stone tiles to vivid green tiles, 2020 is all about bringing the outside world into your home.

maximise natural light

Amata Lux Caramel Plain Ceramic Wall Tiles

Whether you choose to keep it traditional using the Amata Lux Caramel Plain Ceramic Wall Tiles or add a contemporary twist to the natural look using Johnson Prismatics Victorian Green Ceramic Gloss Wall Tile, nature-inspired designs are guaranteed to transform your home into a sanctuary that oozes style in 2020 and beyond.

Now you’re armed with some of the 2020 tile trends, browse our tiling products and transform your home into a luxury, stylish retreat. And, keep your eyes peeled on our blog as we discuss more of this year’s top tiling trends.