They’re one of the biggest interior design trends of 2019, but, how should you style brick tiles? We’ve pulled together our top 5 designs using brick tiles to give you some inspiration.

Go Bold

Although traditionally found in white, following the underground and subway stations they take their inspiration from, brick tiles are now available in a wide range of colours, including this vibrant orange from Johnson.

metro tiles

The Johnson VVD3A Vivid Orange Gloss Brick Ceramic Wall Tile

Whether you’re using them for a splash back, accent wall or a whole room, bold, colourful brick tiles are a great way to experiment with colour and add a striking yet stylish feature to any room.

Keep It Neutral

If bold colours aren’t for you, the white brick tile provides a classic, timeless look. Whether you’re looking to add splashes of colour with your decor, or looking to create a white haven, you can rest assured that your white brick tiles will provide a neutral backdrop for any room.

metro tiles

The Johnson White BVBR1A Bevel Brick Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile

Compare and Contrast

Thanks to their simplistic brick sizing, brick tiles are ideal for breaking up blocks of colour, or adding splashes of colour to an otherwise white colour scheme. Just take a look at the Johnson Polar Series CHS12A Chroma Snow Satin Ceramic Wall Tile below contrasted with the yellow, orange and blue tiles from the same collection.

metro tiles

The Johnson Polar Series CHS12A Chroma Snow Satin Ceramic Wall Tile

For more ways to experiment with bold, colourful tiles, read our blog post. 

Playful Patterns

Traditionally brick tiles are laid in a horizontal brick pattern which is a timeless, classic style. But, as the brick tile is so versatile, there are a variety of laying patterns that can be used.

The Herringbone laying pattern is becoming increasingly popular and can create a stunning feature with your tiles, especially when multiple colours are used. Alternatively, vertical brick layouts add a quirky twist on the more traditional layout and can even be used in combination with the horizontal brick pattern, to create a wall that really makes a statement.

Go Glossy

A gloss finish on brick tiles, like the Johnson VVD7A Vivid Lime Gloss Brick Ceramic Wall Tile creates a polished, clean finish. Plus, thanks to their glossy sheen, they help to reflect light around your room creating the illusion of space, no matter what size your room is.

Johnson VVD7A Vivid Lime Gloss Brick Ceramic Wall Tile

Shop our wide range of brick tiles and start transforming your home with one of the top tile trends today.