Choosing the right tiles for your kitchen is crucial when re-designing, but which tiles are right for you?

There are several different styles of kitchen. The traditional kitchen, the modern contemporary kitchen, the farmhouse kitchen, the rustic kitchen, the classic kitchen and many more. So before choosing your tiles, you need to choose your kitchen style.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens usually include light or dark tiles, rather than coloured. A more simple, plain tile that then allows the designer to had their own personal touch with interiors.

Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchens usually have bright, light tiles making the room appear very fresh and sleek. The tiles are usually quite plain, maybe with a gloss effect and some stylish splash back tiles to finish.

Modern Kitchen Style

The Farmhouse Kitchen

The Farmhouse kitchen provides a more ‘homely’ feel. These normally include warmer coloured tiles with a classic wood effect tiled floor. Similar to the traditional kitchen, the simple, warm tiles allow the kitchen owner to add their own ‘chic and cosy’ interiors.

The Rustic Kitchen

The rustic kitchen has a more ‘distressed’ and vintage style. Dark coloured tiles such as deep reds or purple placed with ‘oldy worldy’ appliances can really give the kitchen the unique, rustic feel.

Vintage Kitchen Style

The Classic Kitchen

Finally, we move on to the classic kitchen. The classic kitchen includes white or cream tiles, together with black worktops, keeping the style simple and well… classic! The designer can then decorate and personalise the kitchen with traditional finishing touches, making the kitchen more homely.

UK Tile Sales offer hundreds of different tiles to suit any kitchen style. So your first decision is choosing the theme of your kitchen then UK Tiles can provide you with the appropriate tiles.