Colorker Edda Series Ice Gloss Ceramic Tiles 305x605x8mm

£44.27 inc. VAT

Sold by the box – 1.48m² per box

* Remember to add 5 – 7% for cutting and wastage

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Colorker Edda Series Ice Gloss Ceramic Tiles 305x605x8mm

Ceramic Gloss Textured Wall Tile

Sold Per Box x6 Tiles = 1m²

Inspired by the movement of wind over the waters of a lake, and as their name suggests, Colorker Edda Series Ice Ceramic Tiles are certain to incorporate the natural world into your home.

With a cool white shade, the Edda Series Ice Tiles create timelessly elegant spaces that work seamlessly with other interior design themes. As you can see from the product image, the Ice Tiles blend seamlessly with the Grey Tiles in the Edda Series for a contemporary, chic look. Meanwhile, the high gloss finish of these ceramic tiles effortlessly reflect light, which when combined with the white shade, opens up even the smallest of rooms.

The textured pattern of the Colorker Edda Series Ice Ceramic Tiles serves to expand spaces further thanks to its linear brushstrokes whilst also adding a bespoke design feature.

The Colorker Edda Series also features tiles in Country, Cream and Grey to match any interior style. With 4 tiles in the collection, all of whose colour palette’s compliment each other, it’s even possible to combine two or more tiles from the Edda Series to create a unique pattern.

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