If you’ve recently tiled your bathroom, kitchen or outdoor space you’re likely to have some leftover tiles which can be frustrating. However, tiles are extremely versatile and also relatively robust, making them perfect for crafty projects. With this in mind, we’ve put together our top five creative ideas for leftover tiles to reduce your waste and make your DIY project cost and resource effective!

Safety Warning: Whenever smashing tiles always wear safety glasses and protective gloves and clothing. 

Top It Off


If you’re feeling crafty, creating a mosaic table is a great, resourceful way to use up your leftover tiles and revive old furniture. By up-cycling your furniture and tiles, you’re guaranteed to save money, have fun and end up with a unique piece that stands out from the crowd and compliments your new tiled space.


leftover tiles

Quench Your Thirst


If laying a table isn’t quite for you but you’re still looking to add a quirky edge to your dining table, then turning your leftover tiles into place mats or coasters could be the perfect solution for you.

Backing your tiles onto cut-to-size cork lets you create bespoke, stylish coasters that are bound to create a talking point over a cuppa.

Plant A New Seed


Bored with your terracotta plant pots? Carefully smash your tiles and stick the mosaic-style pieces to your plant pot using tile adhesive. Before you know it, you’ll have a mosaic plant pot that breathes life into your garden!

Take Time To Reflect


Although it may take a bit of time and patience, a mosaic tiled bathroom mirror is the perfect way to use any leftover tiles! By providing a modern, bespoke twist on the classic mosaic mirror, your efforts will be well rewarded with a stunning focal point that reflects the true character of your bathroom.

leftover tiles - mosaic mirror

CR+ CE Decor Series Topaz Bright Marble & Glass Mosaic 305x305x8mm

Top Tip: Our CR+ CE Decor Series Topaz Bright Marble & Glass Mosaic tiles are the perfect choice for creating a mosaic mirror.

Pave The Way


Definitely one for the more experienced crafts-person, a mosaic garden path takes time, patience and hard work but it’s guaranteed to create a stunning garden focal point that brings a splash of sunshine into your garden!

We hope this blog has given you some ideas for putting your leftover tiles to use. Let us know how you get on, we’d love to see your finished projects!