Dark tiles are a large tiling trend. However, it’s a tile theme most people avoid, worrying they’ll make their room appear drab, small and dismal. Here, we’ve put together our tips on how to style dark tiles to help you master the latest tiling trend like the professionals.

Fancy A Feature Wall?

Plunging into dark decor with a full room blackout can be daunting. So, why not try a feature wall?

A feature wall or splash-back created using dark tiles is a great way to introduce yourself to all bold interior design trends and create an exciting statement in your room.

dark tiles

Johnson Black BVBR3A Bevel Brick Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile

The Johnson Black BVBR3A Bevel Brick Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile shown above makes a great splash back. Plus, when contrasted with the stainless steel accessories in this kitchen, it stops the black tiles feeling overpowering.

Create A Sparkle

Opting for a tile with a speckled finish can really help to break up darker floor and wall tiles. Plus, the gloss finish of this Pamesa Capua Plata Silver Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile also reflects light fantastically and really creates the illusion of space in smaller rooms.

dark tiles

Pamesa Capua Plata Silver Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile

Create A Contrast

Contrasting dark and light tiles is a great way to incorporate dark decor into your home. Whether you opt for contrasting floor and wall tiles or add a light border tile to an otherwise dark room, different coloured tiles liven up any room and ensure your room isn’t overwhelmed by one imposing style.

Colorker Pizarra Negro Black Rectified Porcelain Wall & Floor Tiles

If contrasting tiles aren’t your thing, opting for lighter accessories is a more subtle way to break up dark decor.

Shine A Light

Opting for reflective tiles like the CR+ Marble & Bubble Glass Mosaic Series can be a great way to introduce yourself to dark decor.

CR+ Marble & Bubble Glass Mosaic Series

Reflective tiles are renowned for reflecting light and therefore creating the illusion of space and light in rooms. Therefore, opting for a dark yet reflective tile helps you to counteract the dim and claustrophobic atmosphere darker tiles can sometimes create. Alternatively, hang a mirror in your room to also help spread light across your dark decor.

Choose Your Grout Wisely

Grout makes a big difference to the appearance and finish of your tiles, but, it is often neglected. If you’re choosing black tiles, paying attention to your grout is even more critical.

Combining a dark tile with a dark grout can go one of two ways. It can be overwhelmingly dark, making the room feel enclosed and dim. In this case, opting for a white grout can be a good option as it offers a bright contrast to your tiles and breaks up the dark decor. Plus, it even incorporates the monochrome interior design trend!

dark tiles

Johnson TNS7W Wave Charcoal Matt Brick Ceramic Wall Tiles

On the other hand, dark grout combined with dark tiles can create a striking look to your room, even helping to create the illusion of space due to the seamless appearance matching tiles and grout can create.

If you’re not ready for darker tiles yet, you could even experiment with dark grout on lighter tiles to add a splash of colour and subtly incorporate the latest interior trends.

For more tile inspiration, read our blog or contact our team who will be more than happy to help.