Johnson Tiles Tundra White Satin Field Ceramic Tiles 360mm x 275mm TND2A

£28.85 m2 inc. VAT

Sold by the box – 1m² per box

* Remember to add 5 – 7% for cutting and wastage

Actual Area (sq m) 1
Total Price £28.85

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Johnson Tiles Tundra White Satin Field Ceramic Tiles 360mm x 275mm TND2A 

The crisp, clean finish of white tiles will make any interior space feel bright and open and the sheen of these Tundra White Satin Field Ceramic Tiles will add a touch of luxury and glamour to your home.

The beauty of white tiles is that they will match any colour scheme so if you like to change your decor regularly, these will be adaptable and remain suitable for a variety of colour changes and different furnishings. The sheen of their finish adds an extra dimension to any interior space so are perfectly versatile for different rooms and hallways in both domestic and commercial environments.

Their durability and clean lines will ensure your home looks impeccable once these tiles are fitted.

These tiles are also available in a gloss finish if you would like something a little more striking.

About Johnson Tiles

The tile experts at Johnson Tiles have been making stylish tiles since 1901. Despite this long history, they have kept at the cutting edge of interior design by working with a range of designers who push the boundaries of tile-style. Their passion for innovation has also driven Johnson Tiles to become one of the greenest companies in the UK so when you buy from them, you know you are not negatively impacting our environment. To learn more about Johnson Tiles, click here.

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