Made from porcelain and encompassing some of this year’s leading tiling trends, Premier Allure Tiles add a sense of contemporary luxury and elegance to any room. Find out all you need about our Allure range below.

Allure Tiles


Neutral Shades

Available in ‘grey’, ‘parchment’ and ‘polished’, the neutral tones of the Allure series are guaranteed to outlast any passing tiling trends and compliment any style or colour of room. Plus, thanks to their neutral colour palette, Allure floor and wall tiles are easily compatible should you decide to change your room’s colour scheme or accessories.

allure tiles

Allure Cloud Polished Rectified Porcelain Floor Tiles

Gloss Finish

The stunning high gloss finish of the Allure series helps to spread light and subtle reflections while providing an elegant, contemporary look. A gloss finish on a tile can brighten and open up even the smallest and darkest of rooms, making them a great option if you have a smaller room that’s lacking in natural light.

Alternatively, the gloss finish looks great when paired with darker tiles, providing a subtle contrast that prevents the darker tones overpowering the room.

Rectified Porcelain Tiles

All of our tiles in the Allure range have been rectified. Essentially, this means that the tile has gone through an additional manufacturing process that makes each tile exactly the same size allowing them to be laid with smaller grout lines (minimum 2mm grout line). Smaller grout lines have grown in popularity recently and create a seamless, slick design.

allure tiles

Allure Charcoal Polished Rectified Porcelain Wall & Floor Tiles

Large Format Design

Our Allure range features tiles that are 600x300x8mm. Large format tiles like this, combined with the smaller grout lines that the rectified tiles allow, helps to create the illusion of space and depth in rooms as well as being bang on trend!

Thanks to their large format design, Allure tiles are often placed in living rooms, bedrooms and hallways in addition to bathrooms and kitchens.

Full Specification of Allure Tiles

  • Suitable Rooms: All Living Areas
  • Finish: Gloss Rectified
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Suitability: Indoor
  • Tile Type: Wall & Floor (Floor available 600x600x8mm)
  • Size: 600x300x8mm
  • Tiles Per Box 8
  • Tiles Per Metre Squared: 5.55

To find out more about our Allure range, contact our team. Alternatively, shop the collection here.