Colourful tiles can be difficult to style, with many people afraid of overpowering a room. But, using colourful tiles needn’t be as daunting as you think. Instead, they can be a great way to brighten up a tired, dark room and give it a new lease of life. In this blog we discuss our favourite ways to style colourful tiles, from the stunningly subtle to the brilliantly bold.

Eye-Catching Feature Wall

Perhaps one of the most obvious, yet stylish, ways to add a pop of colour into your room is through a feature wall. Whether it’s a bold pattern or simply a block of colour, feature walls create a stunning focal point in any room and are the perfect way to add colour without overpowering your room.

coloured feature wall

The Johnson Savoy SAVO8A Brick Leaf Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile creates a perfect feature wall

Our personal favourite feature wall is this made from Johnson Savoy SAVO8A Brick Leaf Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile and helps transform your bathroom into a natural, idyllic sanctuary when combined with Johnson Prismatics PRG24 Storm Grey Ceramic Gloss Wall Tile.

Striking Splash Back

If you’re not feeling bold enough to go for a full feature wall, a colourful splash back is a great way to add a ‘splash’ of colour to your room and protect your walls from damp and stains. CR+ CE Decor Series Topaz Bright Marble & Glass Mosaic tiles not only add a pop of colour but also help to reflect light, allowing you to create the illusion of space in your room as well as setting a vibrant ambience.

leftover tiles - mosaic mirror

Add a splash of colour using CR+ CE Decor Series Topaz Bright Marble and Glass Mosaic tiles for a splash back

Colourful Grout

Thanks to latest trends, grout needn’t be boring! At UK Tile Sales we stock a wide range of grout available in white, grey, black and ivory. So, if colourful tiles aren’t your thing you could always experiment with coloured grout to create a striking contrast to your floor or wall tiles.

Bold Border Tiles

Border tiles are a great way to add colour without overpowering your room. Adding a touch of wow factor and a sleek finishing touch, border tiles can help to set your room apart, box it off from other sections or simply add a creative, colourful edge to an otherwise neutral room. Johnsons VT016B Vitrose Damson Purple Glass Mosaic Border tiles will certainly add a colourful edge and an elegant finish to any room!

border tiles - colourful tiles

Border Tiles are the perfect way to add a colourful edge to any room

Create A Contrast

Jumping in with colourful tiles with both feet can be daunting. So, why not experiment with bold tiles initially by contrasting them with more neutral tones. We love this Johnson VVD3A Vivid Orange Gloss Brick Ceramic Wall Tile contrasted with the Johnson VVD1A Vivid White Gloss Brick Ceramic Wall Tile.

colourful tiles

Experiment with contrasting colours like these Johnson Brick Tiles to see if colourful tiles are for you

Read our blog for more tile inspiration or contact our team for help choosing your colourful tiles!


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