Whether you’re looking to bring your space together or creating a striking contrast, border tiles can be a real pièce de résistance in your room. In this blog, we take a look at some of the benefits of border tiles and how you should style this often overlooked tile trend.

The Benefits of Border Tiles

Creative contrast

Whether you’re looking to break up a neutral or minimalist colour scheme, combine the textures in your room or create a playful pattern by mixing up the size of your tiles, border tiles are a great way to add an extra element to your room.

CE Decor Series Grey Marble Glass Mosaic

CE Decor Series Grey Marble Glass Mosaic

CE Decor Series Grey Marble Glass Mosaic Tiles, are great for adding a mixture of colours to a perhaps otherwise neutral decor. Meanwhile, the glass material adds another texture and finish to your room. Whatever contrast you look to create, border tiles are guaranteed to add show-stopping detail to an otherwise understated room.

Boxed Off Borders

Border tiles can be great for boxing off or separating two areas or rooms. One prime example is the use of border tiles to separate an open plan kitchen and dining room. Or, on a smaller scale, perhaps you want to box off your shower cubicle from the rest of the bathroom.

Using border tiles in this way is a great way to create playful, decorative spaces and create designated areas in your room or home, whether it be for style or practical purposes. Border tiles can also soften open plan spaces, helping them to feel cosy and less cold.

Johnsons GLIB1B Border Tiles would be perfect for creating striking sections thanks to their dark, statement colour.

Johnsons GLIB1B Border Tiles

Johnsons GLIB1B Border Tiles

Connecting the dots

From striking separations to creative connections, another benefit of border tiles is that they are great for bringing together otherwise separate spaces.

This works especially well if you want to create a sense of continuity throughout your home. Perhaps try carrying your tile border throughout your hallway and into the living area. Or, from your kitchen through to your conservatory. Border tiles  can unify even the most strikingly contrasting spaces to create a sense of cosy continuity that oozes chic style.

Skyline Marble Glass Mix Cream 305x305x8mm

Skyline Marble Glass Mix Cream Border Tiles

Neutral tiles such as the Skyline Marble Glass Mix Cream Tiles are ideal for unifying two spaces thanks to their calm, neutral colour palette that matches any style of decor.

A fantastic feature

Want to draw attention to a certain feature in your room? Then border tiles are for you!

Whether it’s a fireplace, splash-back or feature wall border tiles can help to accentuate any space or feature to create a truly striking statement piece that guarantees to become the focal point of your room. But, thanks to their often neutral colour palettes, border tiles ensure the room is not overpowered by your feature but instead adds an understated design feature that your eyes can’t help but be drawn to.

Expand your space

More often than not, border tiles come in a horizontal shape. Therefore, they are perfect for expanding or elongating your space to create the illusion of depth. Meanwhile, if you opt for a horizontal glass mosaic tile, such as the Skyline Marble Glass Mix White Tiles, the glass material will also help to refract light around the room, further creating the illusion of space: win, win!

Skyline Marble Glass Mix White

Skyline Marble Glass Mix White Tiles

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