Highly popular and for good reason, take a minute to read about the benefits of porcelain tiles and why they are pretty much a perfect choice for your interior project.

The Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

Spoilt For Choice

Let’s start with the most obvious first, the choice. There is so much choice including the different colours, designs and effects. For example, porcelain tiles are perfect if there is a certain look you are aiming for your overall design. Plus, porcelain tiles are great for replicating natural stone, granite or even natural wood. There are so many beautiful porcelain tiles to chose from, like the Woodland Series Oak Wood Effect Porcelain Floor Tiles featured below. 

benefits of porcelain tiles


Porcelain tiles are also highly durable, especially in comparison to ceramic tiles. Thus, they are an ideal selection for areas with a greater footfall as they are built to handle the pressure. Porcelain tiles have been known to be a top choice especially within businesses due to their density. Essentially, this means they don’t fade or change colour when exposed to sunlight and are also stain resistant.

Not only are porcelain tiles great for business areas with their uniformity, porcelain also have a low water abortion quality (less than 0.5% moisture absorption rate). Thus, great for bathrooms or other areas that may come into contact with liquids. In addition, some porcelain tiles are created with an abrasive grit, adding anti-slip qualities to the tile. Check out the Amata Lux Moon Rectified Porcelain Floor Tiles below for a prime example of a versatile yet durable porcelain tile.

benefits of porcelain tiles

We stock a wide range of porcelain tiles, so browse the collection and see the benefits of porcelain tiles for yourself. If you would like further advice or would like to request samples get in touch with us!