Looking to decorate your small bathroom but not sure which tiles are right for the job? Check out our tile ideas for smaller bathrooms to ensure that you maximise your bathroom space.

Reflective Tiles

We all know adding light and reflecting light is vital to creating the illusion of space. But, have you ever thought of reflective tiles?

Grey Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic

Grey Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic Tiles

Tiles with a glass or glossy finish such as the CR Grey Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic Tiles are perfect for smaller rooms. Their ability to refract and spread light, makes your bathroom appear light and spacious as opposed to claustrophobic and confined.

Large Format Tiles

Treviso Prima Durango Medium Porcelain Floor Tiles

Helping to elongate your room and create the impression of depth and space, large format tiles, especially rectangular tiles, are perfect for smaller rooms. Plus, as they take up more wall or floor space, less grout is required, another factor that can help to create the illusion of space in a room.

Large format tiles will not only make your bathroom seem larger, but, as a growing trend in the world of tiles, they’re guaranteed to add a touch of elegance and luxury to your bathroom. For further tips on how to style large format tiles, read our blog: why choose large format tiles?

Neutral Colours

Natural tiles are a timeless trend that create a luxurious space regardless of the size of your room. Plus, neutral shades such as white, stone and grey are well known for creating a calming and light atmosphere which really helps smaller rooms to feel less overpowering and closed in.

Neutral colours help keep the tone of a room calm and clean which really helps in smaller rooms. Choose a neutral bathroom tile colour scheme and it’ll provide the illusion of more space and as an added benefit will be a hit with potential buyers should you ever come to sell your home.

large format tiles - small bathroom

Amata Lux Caramel Plain Ceramic Wall Tiles 295x595x10mm

Tiles such as the Amata Lux Caramel Plain Ceramic Wall Tiles are perfect for transforming your small bathroom into a neutral sanctuary.

Floor To Ceiling

Unfortunately, smaller rooms can often feel claustrophobic and can be easily overpowered. By using the same tile, or even just the same colour of tile, on both your ceiling and walls, you help to create a seamless, spacious room that also has an eye catching feature.

BCTCAN43602 Dartmoor Series Sandstone

This Sandstone Dartmoor Series tile combined with different shapes and textures of tiles creates the illusion of space in this smaller bathroom, whilst also creating a natural sanctuary that oozes luxury.

All About The Grout

Neglecting your grout is a key mistake when tiling a room, regardless of its style. Although a striking feature, coloured grout can be quite overpowering in smaller rooms. We suggest opting for a white grout to keep the room light and fresh. Alternatively, choosing a grout that matches the colour of your tile is an ideal way to add continuity to your room and create a seamless finish that helps to maximise your space.

We hope these tile ideas for small bathrooms have given you some inspiration for maximising the smaller spaces in your home. If you’d like more help and advice, please contact our team who will be more than happy to help.