Your living room. It’s where you kick back and relax at the end of a long, hard day. We can make sure its looking and feeling its best with our stunning collection of living room tiles.

About Living Room Tiles

Traditionally, we associate tiles with bathrooms and kitchens thanks to their durable, hard-wearing materials and water-resistant technologies. Although many can be put off by the assumption that tiles will make living areas appear cold and clinical, tiles are becoming an increasingly popular option for lounges.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite living room tiles to banish the stereotypes and give you some living room inspo!

Azteca Smart Lux Porcelain Tiles

Taking large format chic to the next level, Azteca Smart Lux Tiles are the perfect choice for living areas.

With a subtle sparkle detail and large format design, Smart Lux Tiles offer eye-catching glamour and create a stunning design feature. Meanwhile, the neutral shades, grey, white and black, keep the tiles versatile and easy to match with accessories and living room furniture.

Azteca Smart Lux Porcelain Tiles White

The White Azteca Smart Lux Tiles create a perfect back-drop to the bolder accessories in this beautifully, open-plan living space.

Amata Lux Moon Rectified Porcelain Floor Tiles

Create a nature-inspired living space with the Amata Lux Moon Rectified Tiles. 

Available in a light grey shade with a textured, natural stone effect finish, Amata Lux Moon Tiles create a relaxing, natural aesthetic that is perfect for living spaces. The fully rectified finish allows for extra thin grout lines, which, when combined with the large format design, amplifies spaces and creates a sleek, seamless finish.

Why not combine the Amata Lux Moon Tiles with some striking patterned tiles to create a stunning focal point without taking away from the natural aesthetic of these stone effect tiles? The stunning rug-effect created using textured tiles in the image below brings the different sections of the living-dining area together with a sophisticated approach.

benefits of porcelain living room tiles

Combining the Amata Lux Moon Rectified Tiles with patterned tiles creates an eye-catching rug effect

Petrastone Series Natural Effect Lava Porcelain Tiles

When it comes to living room tiles, many customers often feel they will look and feel cold. But that’s certainly not the case with the Petrastone Series Natural Effect Lava Tiles. 

Featured in a rich brown colour, with a worn, textured finish the Petrastone Series create warm, rustic atmospheres that you can’t wait to relax in. Plus, thanks to their porcelain material Petrastone Tiles are hard-wearing, making them perfect for living spaces.

petrastone tiles

Petrastone Series Natural Effect Lava Porcelain Floor Tiles

Still concerned about the cold feel of living room tiles underfoot? Why not invest in some underfloor heating to keep the chill at bay? It’s cost effective, practical and can actually help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Cifre Tindaya Almond Wood Effect Tiles

Wooden flooring has been a long-standing staple for living rooms. However, it can prove costly and is pretty high-maintenance. Wood effect tiles are the cheaper, yet just as stylish alternative taking the interior design industry by storm.

Cifre Tindaya Almond Wood effect living room Tiles

Cifre Tindaya Almond Wood Effect Tiles

Made from durable porcelain, Cifre Tindaya Wood Effect Tiles are built to last. Meanwhile, their neutral shade means they’ll outlast any passing interior design trends. The long plank format helps to elongate spaces while the textured glaze finish and Almond shade oozes elegance. Why not pair with matching neutral accessories for a relaxing haven? Alternatively, layer with bolder shades to create a striking living space that’s perfect for guests?

Skyline Marble Glass Mix Black

Many people can be put off by black tiles in living areas, fearing it will look harsh and dark. Mosaic tiles are a great way to overcome this.

Made from a combination of glass and marble, Skyline Marble Glass Mix tiles can reflect light to create the illusion of space and aplify light, reducing the risk of the dark colour palette overpowering your lounge. Plus, thanks to the mosaic style, these Black Skyline Tiles are perfect for creating feature walls that create a striking focal point yet allow you to add subtler, lighter tones on your other walls.

Skyline Marble Glass Mix Black

Skyline Marble Glass Mix Black

Skyline Marble Glass Tiles look especially striking around fireplaces to create a real eye-catching yet elegant statement.

We hope our collection of living room tiles have convinced you of the stylish benefits of using tiles in your living areas. Why not order your FREE sample to try your favourite living room tiles in your own home.