The amount of natural light in your room can really impact the whole mood and style of the entire room. In fact, a dark, dull room can feel claustrophobic and ruin the aesthetics of your whole house. With this in mind we’ve put together a list of 5 ways tiles can help to maximise natural light in your home.

Neutral Colours

Bring the outdoors in with neutral coloured tiles and transform your room into an airy, bright sanctuary! Light coloured, neutral tiles, like the Amata Lux Caramel Plain Ceramic Wall Tiles pictured below, create the illusion of light and space, making even the darkest room feel fresher and brighter.

maximise natural light

Bold Features

Bold, bright features, such as statement walls and striking splash backs are the perfect way to add a splash of light into a dark room, especially when contrasted with an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

brick tiles

The Johnson VVD3A Vivid Orange Gloss Brick Ceramic Wall Tile adds a splash of sunshine into a dark room while the contrast created with the white brick tile really adds a sense of depth and light.

All About The Glass

It’s a well known fact that adding mirrors and glass to your room helps to reflect natural light. So, why not try adding glass tiles to your room to truly maximise your natural light and transform your room into a light, natural haven? Plus, glass tiles, such as the White Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic White, can also help to create the illusion of space in smaller rooms!

maximise natural light


Last, but certainly not least, when decorating a darker room choose a lighter grout, such as white or ivory, as opposed to darker shades such as greys and black. Choosing a darker grout in an already dark room can make the space feel claustrophobic. Meanwhile, a lighter grout maximises light and opens up your room.