One of the biggest interior design trends at the moment is natural decor. Now when we mention natural decor, the first thing that often springs to people’s minds is greenery. But, natural decor can incorporate a range of different shades and colourings to create a truly relaxing, natural environment. In this blog we’re running through our favourite nature-inspired tiles to help you create a tranquil hideaway in your home.

Urban Steel Line Ceramic Wall Tile

Combining a cool grey, urban shade with a beautiful natural stone effect, the Urban Steel Line Ceramic Wall Tiles are the epitome of natural decor.

natural decor

Urban Steel Line Ceramic Wall Tile

The medium grey ‘steel’ tone is reminiscent of cool exterior settings which is perfectly contrasted with the warm brown tones in this bathroom. Meanwhile, the mixture of textures in this tile are designed to replicate the feel of of natural wood, stone and cement making these tiles feel as well as look the natural part. The authentic natural stone markings only add to the nature-inspired theme of these tiles and can transform your bathroom or kitchen into a retreat that effortlessly combines urban chic with the natural elements.

North Wind Wood Effect Natural Beige Tiles

Wooden flooring has long since been the pinnacle of natural decor. However, it can prove costly and is easily damaged, especially in high traffic areas of your home. Wood effect tiles are a great alternative that still offer maximum natural style without the hefty price tag. Made from durable porcelain the North Wind Wood Effect Tiles are a durable wall and flooring option and can even be used in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, unlike wooden flooring.

North Wind Wood Series – Natural Beige

North Wind Wood Series – Natural Beige

Aptly named, the Natural Beige colour of these wood effect tiles immediately transports you to a beautiful outdoor landscape. Meanwhile, the replica grooves and knots provide an authentic aesthetic that has long been the selling point of real wood decor. Using wood effect tiles on your walls and floor, as above, is a sure fire way to truly transform your room into a natural hideaway while also creating a striking statement piece.

Johnsons Drift Autumn Reeds

Invite nature into your home all year round with the Johnsons Drift Autumn Reed Tiles.

johnsons tiles

Johnsons Drift DRIF1A Autumn Reeds

Featuring a beautiful blend of beige tones with a matt, structured finish, Johnsons Drift Autumn Reeds Tiles transport you to an idyllic autumnal setting. Try complimenting the tiles with splashes of greenery to really create a natural ambience.

Petrastone Natural Effect Lava Porcelain Floor Tiles

Create a warm, luxurious room you can’t wait to get home to with the Petrastone Lava Porcelain Floor Tiles.

petrastone tiles

Petrastone Series Natural Effect Lava Porcelain Floor Tiles

With rich brown tones and a rustic, stone-effect finish, it’s clear to see why these tiles are a top pick for acing natural decor. Mimicking flagstone tiles, Petrastone Lava Tiles create the illusion of outdoor space while maintaining a warm, cosy ambience.

Grey Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic Tiles

They may not be your first thought when you think of natural decor but mosaic tiles add a beautiful, contemporary twist on this traditional design trend.

Grey Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic Grey

Grey Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic Grey

Featuring a stunning blend of blue and grey tones and shell and glass materials Grey Marble and Bubble Gloss Mosaic Tiles evoke a beach-esque style that instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Meanwhile, the reflective qualities of the glass mosaic tiles helps to expand your space and reflect light, creating an airy, open space that is further reminiscent of the outdoor world.

We hope our natural tiles have given you some design inspiration for turning your home into your own natural retreat. If you have any queries about the tiles featured please contact our team. Alternatively, you can order a free tile sample here.