Brought to the UK from European trends, large format tiles are exactly what they say on the tin: large. Typically containing one side over 15 inches long, large tiles are the latest interior design trend sweeping the tiling industry. But, what are the advantages of choosing large format tiles?


Expand Your Space


One of the main reasons people are opting for large format tiles is their ability to create the illusion of space. With fewer grout lines and being suitable for both wall and floor, large tiles create a seamless, uninterrupted look that expands any space. So, whether you’re tiling a large open plan space or a closed, smaller room, large tiles can really help you capitalise on every inch of space.


A Flawless Finish


Colorker Edda Series Ice Gloss Ceramic 305x605x8mm

Again, thanks to their minimalist grout lines, large format tiles produce a seamless look. When the same tile is used on both the floor and wall, or from room to room, larger tiles create a flawless finish that both designers and consumers are falling in love with.


Easy Maintenance


Amata Lux Caramel Plain Ceramic Wall Tiles 295x595x10mm

Thanks to their larger size, large format tiles require a lot less grout than smaller tiles. Therefore, they are easier to clean making them the perfect low maintenance tile with a high-end appearance. And, after all, who doesn’t like an excuse to clean less?


Modern Style


Available in wood effect and natural stone effect, large tiles ooze contemporary style helping to transform a traditional room and create a modern room that will stand the test of time.

Large format tiles

Johnson Savoy SAVO7A Brick Noir Gloss Ceramic Wall Tile

Bring In The Light


Large format tiles, especially polished tiles, are great for reflecting natural light around the room. Their high gloss finish, combined with neutral colour schemes, helps to create light, airy rooms that have a high-end feel and relaxing ambience without the premium price tag.

Browse our range of large format tiles today to transform your room and create a luxury look for less.