Wood effect floor tiles are proving immensely popular in the tiling and interior design industry. But, are they really better than wooden floors and which option should you choose?

The Benefits Of Wood Effect Floor Tiles


Ease of Maintenance

With the ease of cleaning and maintenance of tiles, wood effect flooring is a practical alternative to real wooden floor. Plus, as they’re made from porcelain, wood effect flooring is more durable than traditional wooden flooring. Overall, these benefits make wood effect flooring an ideal option for even the busiest rooms in your home as spillages are easy to clean up and chairs or pet claws are less likely to leave pesky scratches on your new floor.

Great Value

With a lower cost per square metre, easier maintenance and longer life, wood effect tiles offer a great value alternative to wooden flooring. So, whatever your budget, wood effect flooring is the perfect option for your home.

Perfect For All Weathers

Cifre Tindaya Almond Wood Effect floor tiles

Cifre Tindaya Almond Wood Effect Series Tiles

Now, we’re not saying you should lay your wood effect tiles in arctic or tropical conditions. However, it is worth noting that underfloor heating is easy and relatively reasonable to install with wood effect floor tiles. With wooden flooring, however, underfloor heating is not always possible, and, if it is, can be quite an expensive process.

Meanwhile, unlike wooden flooring, wood effect tiles are not as likely to fade when placed in areas of your home that attract the sun, such as conservatories. Therefore, they are guaranteed to maintain their stunning appearance for longer, giving you greater value for money.

Stylish Appearance

Wood effect floor tiles have the stylish, timeless appearance of wooden flooring and even come complete with lifelike grooves and knots so you can barely tell the difference.

Don’t believe us? Check out this stunning flooring below – is it wooden floor or tiles? (Spoiler alert: it’s tiles)

Cifre Tindaya Wengue Wood Effect floor tiles

Cifre Tindaya Wengue Wood Effect Series Tiles

Variety Of Finishes

Prefer grey wooden floor or white? Looking for the traditional look of oak or the warm, soft tones of walnut?

Wood effect tiles come in an assortment of colours, styles and finishes so whatever finish or colour you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find a flooring option that suits your home and style!


Fancy wooden flooring in the bathroom or kitchen? Well now you can thanks to wood effect floor tiles.

Some wood effect tiles are suitable for use in any room and don’t warp or go streaky when wet unlike wooden floors. Just take a look at the North Wind Wood Series Natural Beige tiles that transform this bathroom into a natural, calming sanctuary.

Please Note: Not all tiles are suitable for use in showers or wet rooms. Please check with one of our expert team before purchase. 

North Wind Wood Series – Natural Beige wood effect floor tiles

North Wind Wood Series – Natural Beige

We think it’s pretty clear that wood effect floor tiles are a great choice for your home whatever your style, budget or room. Shop the full range of wood effect tiles and transform your home today.