BAL Micromax2 Smoke Tiling Grout For Walls & Floors 5kg

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Rapid-setting and highly flexible tile grout, BAL Micromax 2 Smoke Tile Grout is formulated with built-in Microban antimicrobial protection for walls and floors. Suitable for joint widths from 1mm to 20mm.


The Bal Micromax 2 Smoke Tiling Grout 5kg is a rapid-setting cementitious tile grout for walls and floors. With built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection, BAL Micromax Grout helps to prevent unsightly black mould, even in damper rooms. Suitable for joints up to 20mm sets in two to three hours, enabling faster completion. Plus efflorescence-free formulation helps to minimise the risk of patchy discolouration while built in admixture helps give a clean and even finish for grout joints. Providing all-round protection against mould, BAL Micromax 2 Smoke Grout is suitable for domestic and commercial installations. Thanks to its durability BAL Micromax 2 Smoke Tiling Grout 5kg is recommended for applications in leisure centres, bathrooms, changing rooms, restaurants/food consumption areas, domestic kitchens and shopping malls. This larger 5KG bag is ideal for larger domestic or commercial tiling projects.

BAL Smoke Grout is also available in a smaller 2.5kg bag. The 2.5kg Bal Micromax 2 Tiling Grout is also available in the following colours: whiteebonymanillagunmetalpebblejasmine and anthracite. We also stock a range of BAL Micromax 2 Sealants. 

Application of BAL Micromax 2 Grout:

  • Walls and Floors
  • Most tile types, including porcelain
  • Suitable for most substrates including under tile heating
  • Joints as narrow as 1mm or as wide as 20mm
  • Dry or wet areas, interior or exterior
  • Including power showers/wet rooms (NOT swimming pools or food preparation/storage areas)
  • Provides enduring good looks and consistent colour
  • No efflorescence, patchiness or shading, even across the largest areas.
  • Built-in Microban® protection – Stops the growth of bacteria and unsightly black mould.
  • For exact specifications please read the manufacturers tech sheet

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Weight 5 kg