For the last decade grey tiles and shades have dominated the interior design industry. However, as we look forward to the next decade (scary, we know), it seems that neutral tiles are making a comeback and are looking to knock grey off the top spot.

Neutral tiles can often get the reputation of being boring and bland, but this could’t be further from the truth. With a passion to defend the humble neutral tile, and to help you get to grips with the latest interior design trend, we’ve put together the best ways to style neutral tiles and avoid the boring beige stereotype.

How To Style Neutral Tiles

A Wooden Wonderland – Wood Effect Tiles

Thanks to their realistic appearance combined with the durability of wooden flooring, wood effect tiles are a dominant staple in interior design and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

neutral tiles

North Wind Wood Series – Natural Beige

The North Wind Wood Series featured in Natural Beige not only combines the two trends of wood effect tiles and natural shades, but also helps to create a timeless, neutral aesthetic that will never go out of style. These neutral wood effect tiles work especially well in bathrooms to create a quirky, yet tranquil sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Timeless Textured Tiles

Want to get in on the neutral tiles trend but are fearful of your room looking bland and one dimensional? Well fear no more! The Ashia Tortora Duna Relief tiles have a beige tone with a slightly wavy, raised texture helping to add depth and a quirky, contemporary twist on the traditional beige tile whilst maintaining the classic, timeless style that neutral tiles are known and loved for.

textured neutral tiles

Ashia Tortora Duna Relief

The Ashia Series comes in a choice of 3 colours – Marfil (Ivory), Tortora (Beige) and Perla (Light Grey) a complimentary Relief tile, Duna featuring a slightly wavy raised decor in each colourway makes this a beautiful addition to any room.

Stylish Sparkly Tiles

Customers can often be wary of sparkly tiles, fearing they’ll overpower the room. However, by combining a subtle sparkle detail with neutral tones, the Allure Pebble Polished Rectified Porcelain Wall & Floor Tiles strike a perfect balance between contemporary and traditional and bold and neutral to create a timeless, chic look that is sure to gain admiration from visitors.

sparkly neutral tiles

Allure Pebble Polished Rectified Porcelain Wall & Floor Tiles

Gorgeous Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have long been a perfect choice for reflecting light and expanding rooms whilst adding a chic look. Therefore, combining them with beige tiles adds a different texture, style and a contemporary twist to avoid the boring beige stereotype wrongly attributed to neutral tiles for so long.

Cream Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic Beige

Marvellous Mosaic Tiles

Whether you use them as a feature wall, splashback or border, mosaic tiles are a great way to break up a neutral colour palette and again add a different texture and size of tile.

Pamesa Giotto Marfil Travertine Effect Satin Mosaic

Just check out the Pamesa Giotto Marfil Travertine Effect Satin Mosaic which are perfectly combined with a larger tile to create a contrast in this neutral haven of a bathroom.

With all these different ways to style neutral tiles, there’s no excuse not to jump on the neutral tiles trend! Shop now or contact our team to order some neutral tile samples!