We hate to be the bearers of bad news but sadly summer seems to be over and the autumn and winter months are on their way, bringing cold weather with them. In this blog we run through the benefits of underfloor heating to help you and your home get ready for the winter months.

Say Goodbye To Cold Feet

We’ve all been there. It’s 2 degrees outside, dark and your kitchen and bathroom tiles feel ice cold. Underfloor heating, however, keeps your tiles and flooring warm adding comfort and warmth to your entire room. Underfloor heating is especially welcoming as you step out of the bath or shower on those cold winter mornings. So say goodbye to cold feet and hello to cosy warm floors!

Cost Effective

Although some people may be put off by the initial cost of installing underfloor heating, it can actually be very cost effective in the long run. Many customers find that in the milder winter months, underfloor warming systems are enough to heat your entire room. Plus, even in the coldest months, underfloor heating distributes heat evenly throughout your room, meaning you can turn the heating down and cut your bills whilst remaining cosy and warm.

With the popularity of underfloor heating on the rise, it can even be thought to add value to your home, if you come to sell. Either way, whether you’re staying put or selling up, you’re guaranteed to see a return on investment with underfloor heating.

Sleek and Stylish

Underfloor heating is exactly what it says on the tin. Heating underneath your tiles or floor. Therefore, unlike other traditional heating methods, it doesn’t take up space and isn’t an eyesore in your room. Adding to this, it can help to save wall and floor space, giving you more room to add more decorative furniture or useful storage.

Plus, we think you’ll agree, nothing adds elegance and luxury quite like walking over warm, comforting tiles!

Cut Your Carbon Footprint

Contrary to popular opinion, underfloor warming systems can actually help to cut your carbon footprint. Thanks to its large surface area, under floor heating operates at a lower temperature than radiators but can still heat rooms to similar temperatures. Adding to this, floor heating systems effectively distribute heat throughout the room adding to their efficiency.

Easy To Maintain

Many of our customers think under tile heating is just one more thing that will let you down and result in costly and time wasting maintenance call outs. However, underfloor heating systems, if installed correctly by a qualified engineer, are actually really easy to maintain. And, since they’re installed beneath the floor, underfloor heaters are less likely to be damaged.

Shop our industry leading range of underfloor heating and warm up in time for the winter months.