Now, we know what you’re thinking. Surely shower tiles are the same as bathroom tiles? One of the latest interior design trends is to use different tiles in your shower cubicle to create a statement out of your shower and section off your bathroom. We’ve got all the style advice you need for choosing and styling shower tiles.

Choosing The Perfect Shower Tiles

All of our ceramic and porcelain tiles are suitable for use in a shower area. Along with the use of a good water-resistant grout and the extra security of a tanking system you can ensure that your shower/wet room is waterproof. Additionally, we would recommend that the slip resistance of the floor tile is considered, i.e. a polished floor tile in this environment would not be recommended.

Once you have ensured the area is waterproof your thoughts can turn to creating a stylish environment, whether you are looking for a classic or more contemporary design. Below are just a few ways you can use tiles to create a focal point in your bathroom.

Textured Tiles

Using textured tiles in your shower is a sure fire way to create a statement without overpowering your bathroom. Using the Ashia Perla Tiles in your bathroom will create a relaxing, tranquil bathroom. Meanwhile, using the Ashia Perla Duna Relief Tiles in your shower adds depth and character thanks to the slightly wavy raised decor. The neutral light grey shade prevents this textured tile from becoming overpowering and makes it the perfect choice if you wish to start experimenting with contrasting shower tiles.

textured shower tiles

Ashia Perla Duna Relief Tiles

Contrasting Colours

Contrasting colours are a hit across interior design trends but especially when it comes to shower tiles. The Johnsons White Brick Ceramic Gloss Wall Tile is a perfect choice for bathrooms and creates a calming, timeless bathroom suite that can be easily adapted with changing trends. However, all white can sometimes feel slightly clinical. Breaking it up with Johnson Vivid Orange Gloss Brick Ceramic Wall Tiles in your shower is the perfect way to create a statement and add a contemporary twist on a classic white bathroom.

johnsons tiles - white decor

Johnson Vivid White Gloss Brick Ceramic Wall Tile contrasted with its orange counterpart

If you’re not bold enough to tile the whole shower suite vivid orange, why not try just one wall of the cubicle or use the brick format to create a stunning border.

Boxed Off

That brings us onto our next shower tip, border tiles. If you’re not too sure about using contrasting tiles in your shower cubicle but still want to add a subtle contrast or create distinct areas, border tiles are a great option.

border shower tiles

Johnsons Natural Spa Stone Border

The Johnsons Natural Spa Stone Border with its tranquil yet eye catching colour palette is perfect for adding a touch of opulence to your bathroom suite or shower without overpowering the room. Meanwhile, the brick border style is perfect for creating distinct areas or spaces to create the illusion of depth or space.

Majestic Mosaics

Whether you want to create a border or create a statement feature wall in your shower cubicle, mosaic tiles are the perfect choice. Made from a mixture of glass and stone, our Grey Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic Tiles are perfect for reflecting light and creating the illusion of space. Plus, the cream and grey mix of colours offers the perfect palette for your bathroom, creating a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

Grey Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic Grey

Grey Marble & Bubble Gloss Mosaic Grey

Sizing Up

If you want to create a seamless sense of continuity between your bathroom and shower suite but want to add a subtle contrast, using different sizes of the same tile is a great option.

Take the Azteca Smart Lux Graphite Porcelain Tiles whose subtle sparkle detail and beautiful grey colour palette makes them the perfect backdrop for a bathroom sanctuary. Available in two sizes (300x600mm and 600x600mm), it’s easy to use one size in your bathroom and another in your shower suite, to create subtle areas in your bathroom that are not overtly obvious at a first glance but add distinct character and versatility on closer inspection.

Azteca Smart Lux Porcelain Tiles Graphite

Azteca Smart Lux Graphite Porcelain Tiles 300 x 600mm and 600x600mm

Shop our full range of bathroom tiles and create a statement shower that enhances the beauty of your bathroom.