Designing rooms for children is never easy. They need to be hard-wearing, easy to clean, fun, spacious, safe: the list goes on. One question we often get asked is ‘should I use tiles for kids’ rooms?’ So, in this blog we’re running through the benefits of using tiles in your little one’s room.

The Benefits of Using Tiles For Kids’ Rooms

Easy To Clean

Whether it’s felt tip pens, food, drink or paint, spills and stains happen perhaps more often than we’d like in children’s rooms. Therefore, you need something that is easy and quick to wipe clean before the next mess occurs.

sparkly neutral tiles

Tiles such as the Allure Pebble Polished Rectified Porcelain Wall & Floor Tiles are easy to clean and maintain

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are very easy to clean and will often wipe clean easily and quickly with a damp cloth. Which means you can spend less time cleaning and more time playing.

Hard Wearing

Speaking of playing, tiles are extremely durable and hard wearing mean they can withstand the rough and tumble of kids’ playtime. Whether it’s the scratch of toy car wheels, the heavy thuds of children’s feet or the clatter of building blocks, tiles are less likely to suffer scratches and dents than floors such as real wood. This means your flooring will last longer without cutting back on playtime: a win for parents and kids!

Play, Play and More Play

If you’re looking to make the kids’ rooms extra fun and playful then tiles could be your answer.

With bold and bright colours to choose from your kids’ room can feature a striking feature wall or even a multi-coloured border, the choice really is endless. Different coloured tiles or mosaic tiles are also great for creating unique patterns, shapes and letters, depending on how creative you’re feeling. Plus, with a great range of finishes and textures available in our wall and floor tiles, there’s plenty of scope for adding depth and creating the illusion of space in any room, not just the kids’.

Tiles like the Johnson VVD3A Vivid Orange Gloss Brick Ceramic Wall Tiles are perfect for creating striking statements or playful patterns

Nice and Neutral

From the bright and bold to the nice and neutral.

As interior design trends come and go, or as your children grow, you may want to change their rooms which can result in a lot of expense. However, choosing white or neutral tiles, like the Carrara Series Marble Effect Flat Ceramic Wall Tiles creates the perfect blank canvas that you can add to as your child grows and styles change. Meanwhile, the marble effect markings creates an elegant yet timeless style that will outlast passing trends.

Carrara Series Marble Effect Bevel Edge Gloss Ceramic Wall Tiles

Carrara Series Marble Effect Bevel Edge Gloss Ceramic Wall Tiles

Warm and Cosy

Many can worry that tiles can look cold or clinical, especially when used in bedrooms. However, choosing a wood effect tile, such as the Grove Series Wood Effect Tortora Porcelain Floor Tiles creates an atmosphere that oozes warmth. Plus, their wood effect markings means you get all the aesthetic and style benefits of wooden floor without worrying about the hefty maintenance.

Grove Series Wood Effect Tortora Porcelain Floor Tiles

Grove Series Wood Effect Tortora Porcelain Floor Tiles

Tiles in kids’ rooms don’t just have to look warm either. Thanks to our range of underfloor heating, it’s easy to take the chill off tiles and keep those tiny feet warm. Plus, underfloor heating is very effective at heating the whole room, not just the floor, so you can be assured your child is warm and cosy whatever they’re doing.

It’s pretty clear that there are a whole host of benefits of using tiles in kids’ rooms, from a style and practical perspective. Shop our collection of tiles today or order a free sample to help you find your perfect tiles.